5 fashion trends of the epidemic season that change the dress code

Many fashion brands from domestic to high-end have introduced collections of antibacterial masks to both protect the health of users and beautify their style as fashion accessories.

5 fashion trends of the epidemic season that change the dress code

Is it necessary to dress well at home on social distancing days? Although she has spent a couple of times at home fighting the epidemic, this question still makes it difficult for many girls to find an answer.
However, no matter what era or situation, fashion is always the pride of women.
It can be seen that the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many big changes in the way women wear everyday or even work clothes.
From the mask to the very ordinary sandals, now they have become the fashion trends favored by fashionistas and are extremely eye-catching variations with many impressive combinations.
Elevate your style with masks
No doubt, the mask has become one of the "unseparated" items of anyone when going out. In order to make them no longer boring because of their unique design in the medical field, many fashion brands from domestic to high-end have introduced their antibacterial mask collections to both protect health. for users to beautify the style as a fashion accessory.

5 fashion trends of the epidemic season that change the dress code

Depending on the needs and purposes of each person's outfit, you can choose suitable mask styles such as transparent models, logomania or even unique motifs of the brand to increase the highlight of the set. thing.

Stay at home but stay stylish with loungewear

One of the most prominent and popular fashion trends since the outbreak of the pandemic is the rise of loungewear.

5 fashion trends of the epidemic season that change the dress code

Thanks to the dynamic, comfortable design on the same airy fabric as the athleisure, the loungewear sets are chosen by women to wear when exercising at home or even working at home with the versions. New variation but equally stylish.

The strong rise of techwear

Techwear is known as a technology fashion style consisting of items designed and processed with modern techniques.
Therefore, techwear becomes a top priority when choosing clothes to keep the body warm, protect the skin from harmful UV rays or even keep the body dry under the sudden rain.


5 fashion trends of the epidemic season that change the dress code

Although it does not impress with its eye-catching design like different fashion styles because techwear only focuses on minimalism on a neutral color background such as black, white and gray, it is commented on the shielding and protection base. Maybe from these external impacts, techwear is the ideal choice in this time of translation.

Slippers: "Baby" beautifies a new style for women

I come back here, high fashion brands not only introduce high-heeled shoes, sports shoes or boots of girls but also promote sandals with simple and luxurious designs.


Especially, in these days of social distancing, sandals become "effective assistants" to cherish women's feet whether at home or even going to the office without losing elegance. inherent in the office set.

Pajamas: More than just pajamas

Like sandals, pajamas have gone beyond their original function as sleep wear.


Thanks to the limitless creativity of the world's famous fashion houses, fresh variations of pajamas are introduced not only for home use but also suitable for many different events.

The series of “work from home” days are radiant with tie-dye motifs

It seems that the colorful bands of tie-dye are no longer strange to today's fashionistas. Tie-dye, a motif associated with classic retro inspiration, has now returned to the realm of women's fashion with extremely eye-catching variations.

This is also a great work-from-home outfit choice for trendy girls who can't go out during this epidemic situation.

Best of all, each person can tie-dye their own clothes at home according to personal preferences.



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