How to mix a youthful blazer

Knowing how to choose a shirt and combine it with the right item will help you look more personality, younger and more beautiful when wearing a jacket.
In addition to classic outfits, you can also go wild with a padded, tickless design.
How to mix a youthful blazer
Blazers come in a variety of styles, suitable for any season of the year, helping you look chic at work, even out with friends.
However, choosing a blazer without regard to style can make you look old.
Antique blazers are very popular these days.
The design has no lapels, emphasizing the V-neck to create a slimmer effect for the wearer. If you want to add a sexy touch, try pairing it with a deep cut shirt, revealing your neck and collarbone.
How to mix a youthful blazer
Blazer combined with long skirt brings elegance and elegance. This is the ideal combination recipe for those who have a pear-shaped body or want to hide flaws
In the last few months, the preppy style has been popular again. The matching blazer and mini skirt will make you catch up with this trend. In particular, the plaid style makes it look cuter. To create a highlight, you can wear long socks or
high boots.
How to mix a youthful blazer
If you want to show off your curves in an unobtrusive way, try pairing a blazer with a crop top, bralette or sport bra.
Short blazers are suitable for those who want to show their height because it helps to create a 1/3 ratio. Besides, combining with high-waisted, wide-leg pants also makes you look thinner.
How to mix a youthful blazer
Blazers and hooded tops are pieces that don't represent the same style. However, when combined together, they bring personality to the wearer.
Remember to pull the exposed part of the hat out to avoid looking sloppy. In addition, you should choose an inner shirt with a body-hugging fit


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