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  • Colorful wall painting
    通常価格 $42.00
    通常価格 $88.00 セール価格 $42.00
    Make a big statement. Wall murals are the ideal way to turn a blank wall into a showcase for your...
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  • Boy portrait painting
    通常価格 $17.00
    通常価格 $88.00 セール価格 $17.00
    Oil Paint consisting of pigments bound with linseed oil or carnations. The traditional technique consists of superimposing layers of paint...
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  • Man painting
    通常価格 $48.00
    通常価格 $88.00 セール価格 $48.00
    This painting is based on the male beauty, a youg man is smoking and staring to the viewer.
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  • Art bear painting
    通常価格 $35.00
    通常価格 $45.00 セール価格 $35.00
    I do not just like to draw this series of paintings - I really love to do it, because it...
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  • Man o mactic
    通常価格 $30.00
    通常価格 $70.00 セール価格 $30.00
    Since I have been traveling throughout our European Cities in search of the wonders of urban art, sometimes it happens,...
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  • Flowers and fruits
    通常価格 $35.00
    通常価格 $35.00 セール価格 $35.00
    Still Life paintings of Fruit, Veg, and Floral arrangements. Contrary to popular belief, Georgians ate fruit and veg according to...
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  • Lotus and dragon
    通常価格 $30.00
    通常価格 $80.00 セール価格 $30.00
    The sacred flame of candle represents the soul spark of creation. While, the candle itself is a symbol of hope...
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  • Montreal winter sports
    通常価格 $30.00
    通常価格 $36.00 セール価格 $30.00
    The second painting of the same lane way in Montreal in the 1950's, this time no ads on the sheds....
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