Automne-Hiver 2022 : Luxe tranquille

Without fancy designs or tricks to attract customers, the value of Hermès is always affirmed on each product through each fashion season.


In the past, the word "dandy" was used to refer to well-dressed and sophisticated men with a sophisticated mix of clothing and accessories, including hats, scarves, gloves, and even canes. Of course, in the modern context, men no longer dress in the old way, but the dapper element is still maintained, but in a different appearance. In Hermes, for example, "dandy" was redefined by Véronique Nichanian in a standard and skillful way.


The application must be accompanied by high quality. Hermès fashion must be associated with all the daily activities of a modern man, whether going to work or on vacation, at the office or at home, must also have style. Hermès Fall-Winter 2022 menswear collection includes classic items that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Fall-Winter 2022: Quiet luxury

The fit of the dress is the first point to notice. The clothes are comfortable but not too "oversized" to follow the trend. The hem of pants that fit above the ankle looks neat and youthful.


Materials and craftsmanship are always two points Hermès is always proud of. Not too many fashion houses can afford to use leather for design, but that's not an obstacle for Hermès. Renowned for its light and fabric-soft tanning technique.

Fall-Winter 2022: Quiet luxury

The collection presents suits and leather jackets that act like a strong second skin to keep warm. Besides cashmere wool and shearling fleece lining the jacket, the collection also introduces the satin technology used on the sports jacket.

Fall-Winter 2022: Quiet luxury

But that's not all. Hermès' top-notch leather processing is associated with alligator skins and accessories. Two alligator leather jackets and mirror-polished Chelsea boots represent not only the craftsmanship of the Hermès leather atelier but also a symbol of the challenging spirit of 'dandy'.


Fall-Winter 2022: Quiet luxury


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