Regency core romanticism

Inspired by the regency core trend, our fashion forecasters picked up the corset trend appearing in myriad ways, with the strapless versions, long sleeve, or tank sleeve corsets all being popular versions of the trend.

Regency core romanticism

Over history, the corset evolved from a symbol of patriarchal oppression to one of feminine sexuality and empowerment.

The corset has been a major trend for over a year now, with the garment being a manifestation of the underwear-as-outerwear trend, where lingerie elements are integrated into everyday dressing.

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At the beginning of this year, we were all succumbed to the alluring plot and stunning costume design of Netflix’s series Bridgerton. After binge-watching, one unwavering question remained in our minds “are corsets back in style?”. Undoubtedly, the blockbuster series seems to be responsible for the uprising of cottage-core romanticism and regency core style, and the images shared on social media are a testament to the corset trend’s success.

Before we analyze the corset’s modern-day iteration, it is important to acknowledge the history of the trend to understand the reason why it’s constantly returning, or perhaps why it never completely left — it just keeps evolving as fashion does.

History of the corset trend

The corset dates back to the 1500s and was initially designed to transform the female body into naturally unattainable silhouettes. Although some historians call it a symbol of female oppression, others just consider it as an undergarment used to support the weight of heavy fabrics. Corsets never really left the fashion scene and over the years countless designers have reimagined them.

Regency core romanticism

A remarkable comeback wa in 1970 when British designer Vivienne Westwood revolutionized them by using them as a staple of her punk aesthetic and women empowerment, adopting them not as underwear but as outerwear. In the past years, her corset tops are one of the most coveted and seek-out vintage pieces for secondhand buyers.


Another undeniable force on the trend is the French couturier Thierry Mugler who is responsible for some of the most iconic corset runway appearances, for instance when model Nadja Auermann stepped out in a golden hard-bodied corset dripped in rhinestones that reinforced the relationship between corsets and women empowerment.

But how are brands adopting the trend of corsets in 2022?


Today, brands like Prada and Balenciaga incorporated the trend in their latest collection in 2021, nevertheless the trend can be more accurately attributed to smaller brands who ushered in the regency core trend and made the corsets go viral on Social Media. British label Charlotte Knowles told Vogue, that with the brand’s “militarized corsetry” they aimed to represent their idea of how “our woman is fighting for her place in the world”.


The 2022 Trend Forecast for Corsets

Looking forward, our fashion experts picked up the corset trend appearing in myriad ways, with strapless versions, long sleeves, or tank sleeves, all being popular versions of the trend. Moreover, lacing is a common detail we are seeing designers incorporate into the garment. Brands are creating corsets in a multitude of fabrics and prints, from classic toile de jouy to fleece to upcycled upholstery as seen by Kristen Mallison. For designers, we suggest aiming towards using satin, as our fashion experts predict the fabric to rise in visibility by +20% this Spring 2022 compared to last Spring.


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